Our Values inform our clients of our professionalism, our integrity and our honesty in the work we undertake to find the best service for the role that your organisation is trying to fill.

Our Vision directs our ambition to offer a creative and enterprising solution to problems, which will inform public debate and direct social policy. We are the first public/private/voluntary sector partnership organisation aiming to work across the different communities.

We promise to undertake value for money work. We are strongly committed to and endorse ethical working conditions through our organisational Equality and Diversity policy. We are committed to equality and the promotion of diversity throughout our organisation. 

We shall not discriminate against anyone and we shall abide by the rules of good social, economic, public and commercial professionalism. 

We are committed to working in partnership with local communities and we aim to ensure that their views, values and voices are shared across the public and private sector and throughout our work.






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