Dr. Mohammed P. Aslam                            
Senior Partner


Mohammed Aslam is an experienced manager at a senior level in the area of community engagement, equalities & diversity and strategic policy. He has valuable insight into the different layers that govern community cohesion and partnership working. He has a successful track record in delivering short, medium and long term objectives for vibrant public & voluntary sector organisations that have a zest for modernization, change and growth. Mohammed Aslam qualified in Community and Youth studies from Leicester and also holds an MA in International Relations, Post Graduate degree in Social Science Research Methods and a PhD in International Cultural Studies from Nottingham Trent University

Shazia Alam                                                 


Shazia Alam is our Senior Administrator for VIVITAS and takes charge of our daily organisational management structures and administrative responsibilities. Shazia is a well organised professional and is often called upon by our partner agencies to assist in tackling difficult administrative performance issues


Annop (Jo) Kammalate                               


Annop Kammalate who likes to be called Jo has recently joined VIVITAS to manage our overall organisational vision across performance management of our marketing and strategy objectives with a customer focus in mind

Dr. Anna Hraboweckyj  MIED PhD, BA Hons                                Regeneration, Health  and Socio-Cultural Cohesion  

Anna has a strong reputation in the field of Equality & Human Rights relating to economic & social inclusion with specific reference to women, ex-offenders, people with physical, mental health & leaning difficulties, Gipsy and Traveller communities, and refugees & asylum seekers. Anna Hraboweckyj is a highly experienced consultant who has worked on a range of assignments for partnership bodies, public and third sector clients.  Before setting up Arte Research Anna worked for the Birmingham based consultancy company, CSR Partnership. Prior to that Anna was Director of several charitable companies and held a number of leading positions in the Midlands. Anna has a PHD from Birmingham University.


Dr Muhammad Ahsan                                 
Research and Education


Muhammad Ahsan has over twenty years experience of research. His research is mainly focused on issues related to community development at local, national and international levels. His major publications include seven books and a large number of research papers and reports. In addition, he has presented several papers at national and international conferences on education in the Developing World. Muhammad Ahsan has an MA (International Relations), MSc Honours (Cooperation and Credit) and PhD (International Relations) degrees, and a Diploma (Human Resources Development and Planning) from Japan, Pakistan, Britain and Holland, respectively.

Milton Crosdale OBE                                  
Race and Cohesion


Milton Crosdale is the former Executive Director with Nottingham Racial Equality Council. Milton is a valuable member of the team with over 40 years of experience of working with and across different communities and assisting the development and change management through community cohesion and diversity targets. Milton Crosdale has served on a number of public bodies including the BBC Midlands. In 2001, Milton Crosdale was awarded the OBE for services to Community Relations.

Ibrar Jamil                                                     


Ibrar joined VIVITAS several months ago and heads up various projects across equality and human rights work. Ibrar is able to offer an analysis of trends across the different sectors on how equality and diversity impacts on the social fabric of society through measuring, monitoring and undertaking impact assessment programmes


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